Transactions can take up to 5-7 working days. Please report your missing transaction if you can’t see it after 7 working days.
Currently, we have listed all banks which provide authentication using their banking apps. It is effortless for users to connect their accounts.
Some Bank currently allows users to connect to a third party only using the web mode. We are working on how we can integrate it seamlessly.
No, that’s the beauty of Daali app. You shop from the partner listed on the app as usual and pay via card associated to the linked bank account to get the rewards automatically.
We need to know when and which brand you have made the purchase with so that we can reward you for that purchase without bothering you. Once you link your bank account everything becomes automated, we get to work and grow your savings via rewards but without giving you any hassle.
We only get the “read only” access to the transactions. Open banking is regulated by the government to provide value for consumers like you by leveraging your own transactional data, hence it is completely safe for you to give us the access. We Partner with your bank via Salt Edge which is a FCA regulated financial company. Which means we are trusted by your bank and the government.
We use the standard bank level encryption – 256 bit AES which means it will take millions of years even for a super computer to hack.
We use the technology called tokenisation which means we will analyse your spending to grow your saving but never see or sell your actual sensitive data
Simply link your bank account and pay as usual at your favourite brands and you will be rewarded Daali points or cash voucher for those specific businesses and brands.
Daali points are like the Necter points but with much better valuer and easier to collect. You will receive Daali points when you shop from all brands within Daali platform which includes all the major brands such as Amazon, Uber Eats, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boohoo and hundreds more. You will be able to claim these Daali points for gift cards, vouchers and deals.
You can delete your account anytime you want. We recommend adding all your accounts so that you don’t miss out on the rewards.
Download Daali App from either Playstore or Appstore and register.
You can download it from here
for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mydaali.daali
for IOS https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/daali/id1492560526
Simply download the app, link your bank account & shop as usual. We track your spending automatically and reward you.
You can redeem your Daali points for different gift cards and vouchers. Gift cards include popular brands like Amazon, Tesco, Costa, Argos, etc. We are working to include more exclusive brands and experiences. Stay tuned.
Depending on what you wish to claim, one daali point is worth between 0.5p to 10p.
Do not click on the previous email verification link as the code expires after 30 minutes.
In Daali, you can connect more than one account there is no need to disconnect an account to add a different one. More accounts give more chances to get rewarded.
In case you don't want to add two accounts you can hide the connected account following these steps:
- Go to "Accounts"
- Click on "My Accounts". It will list all your connected accounts.
- Click on the eye icon which will hide your account.
When the account is hidden Daali doesn't use that account. It's the same as disconnecting the account.
But if you wish to completely disconnect the connected account you can log in to your SaltEdge dashboard and revoke your consent (You should have received an email with instructions from SaltEdge when signing up with Daali).
Also, you can revoke your consent from your banking app. There can be different wording for different banks. You can go to "Manage third-party accounts permissions" and revoke the consent you have given to "Salt Edge Limited".
It can take up to two working days to reflect your change when you have revoked the consent.