With regrets we have to introduce a category of Daali points. Please check the Why? section for the reason behind the changes.

Starting from Today Daali points will be differentiated into three categories. Details are as follows.

What are the different categories of Daali Points?

Premium Points

Premium Points are worth double in value because they can unlock equal base points. Click to Earn and Buy Gift Cards and Earn are part of Premium points.

Standard Points

The Standard Points is the point that can be redeemed. Base or Premium points need to be converted into standard points to redeem. Refer a friend and Daily Spin are part of Standard points.

Base Points

The Base Points is the locked points that can only be unlocked by converting the same amount of premium points. This point is sponsored independently by Daali.


It is clear that the world is facing financial difficulties and every institute is trying to cut off their expenses to get over this crisis. Daali is not an exception. With regrets Daali has to change its offering to secure its future and stay in the market longer.

What will happen now is all the campaign points which were independently sponsored by Daali will be converted into the Base point. User can convert Base points as they earn Premium points. Daali was sponsoring all the Daali points for the campaign independently and was burning its capital to increase the user base, But Covid then the global threat of recession have drawn our attention and we are forced to cut these expenses. We are always thankful for the users supporting us so far.

We want to assure users we are always taking security and users' data as the top priority and nothing has changed on that front. We have added new ways to earn more points which will allow users to convert and use the Base points. In the coming weeks, we will add more brands for Click to Earn where users can earn more Premium points. Buy Gift Card and Earn is the easiest way to earn more premium points quickly.

We want to promise users when things get better we will revert back to these changes in the future. Thank you for understanding and being part of Daali.

We are still a start-up company and trying different things to make a real change in the retail industry. Hope we have conveyed this message clearly.