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Drive your sales by analysing consumer transactional data.

Card linked reward offers no scans, no device, no training. Get customers insight and send direct personalized offers.

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Customer acquisition

We analyse consumers past spending data in various brand categories to target the right customers.

For example, someone who buys from your category but not your brand would be your ideal first-time customer.

Customer retention

Connect your brand loyalty to consumers banking data now. We provide you with sophisticated tools to reward your customers for their loyalty towards your brand and always keep them loyal .


Best part is open banking allows us to automate everything which means there is no hassle for your team or the customers.


Encourage customers to spend more with your brand

Encourage customers to spend more with your brand using our tier rewarding system online or offline. For example £10 voucher for spending more than £100 at once.

Target right customers at the right time to incrementally grow your revenue

We know consumer past shopping behaviour the present needs and we predict the future. Consumers are presented with the right product at the right time with the best rewards and brands get the best return on investment on their marketing budget. it's a win-win.

We use AI to target customers, using similar brands as yours at the right time resulting in a much higher rate of conversion than any other existing platform.

  • barclays
  • hsbc
  • aromas
  • maya
  • hs
  • randy

Whether you are a Brick and Morter or an online business - use Daali to create your own open banking based loyalty programme

Build your own reward programme using our state of art technology. Either for one location or 50 locations, it just takes minutes to Get started and works like magic.


Most seamless - no scans, no card, no training required


Actionable customers insights - dedicated marketing dashboard

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