"We connect retail loyalty with transactional data, making sure you never miss a reward regardless of where you shop. "


What is Daali?

Daali is a Nepalese word that translates to ‘MoneyPot’, also known more commonly as the ‘Piggy Bank’ in the west. Daali is a basket used by Nepalese farmers to collect grains of vegetables and fruits, but we plan to collect rewards, points and gift cards. The only difference is you will not be running around carrying a basket made of bamboo; instead, rewards just get collected automatically using the Daali app.

We use open banking to automate loyalty, bring you the best deals and collect rewards automatically. What open banking has done is placed the control of your banking data on your hands. You can choose to make the best use of it to benefit you & we will help you do it.

open banking

What is Open Banking?

Open banking is a secure way to give read-only access to your transactional data to third parties. For decades your banks have been making money using your financial data but now it's completely in your hands - it gives you an opportunity to access better products & save money. It is completely secure and FCA regulated. We use API's built by your banks to automate the rewards process and save you lots of money.

Our Journey

Hey, thanks for checking us out, my name is Bishnu, and I am the co-founder of Daali. It all started when I was running my little restaurant in Forest Gate. Understanding your customers must be a top priority while running a business. A Loyalty programme is a great way to analyse customers buying behaviours, get to know them personally and reward them. Hence, my quest to find the best loyalty management software started, beginning with a stamp card-based loyalty programme that failed miserably, then a mobile number-based loyalty programme, then the QR code with Mobile apps and other few, but nothing worked. Every single reward programme was great when the business was slow. But unfortunately, none of them suited the fast-paced environment where you have to serve hundreds within a matter of a few hours. Scanning a QR code is faster than stamping a card but just not fast and convenient enough. Hence, I realised that no existing reward programmes were good enough. The main problem was the friction at the point of purchase, and I challenged myself to resolve it's not just for SME's but even for the big brands. Hence assembled a team and started working on Daali.

Daali connects loyalty with consumers transactional data, which means customers will never miss a reward, and businesses will have a much accurate picture of who their customers are. There are no scans, clicks or hassle; everything works flawlessly. Now this works for my restaurant, and so will for thousands of other businesses from small to large.


Our Team


Bishnu Gaire


5+ years of experience in business development.


Bikash Kharel


7+ years of experience in software development.


Bishwash Kharel


2+ years experience in HR.


Hem Nath Uprety


10+ years of experience an Android development.


Ramji Prasad Subedi


5+ years of experience in web development.


Ujjwal Silwal


2+ years of experience in flutter development.


Prakash Maharjan


5+ years of experience an IOS development.


Sagar Bartaula


2+ years of experience an UI/UX design.


Sabina Bartaula


2+ years of experience in QA.